Return Policy

Our return policy

1. Since we export globally all the way from Nepal it is not feasible to take return once delivered to the client. But, in case of goods received by client on bad condition, wrong items, or broken state then upon sending us photo and case within one week of receipt we will either replace or refund.

2. In some cases we take return where we need the objects to verify the problem which may be applicable for high value items . But we will inform the customer once the issue is brought into our notice. 

3. In case you change your mind after paying to cancel order, let us know so we verify and we can issue refund if the goods is not shipped. 

4. If your order is not completed for some reason, or if partially complete, we ask permission of buyer before shipping so that you can cancel full  or partial order  and get refund accordingly

5. In case , due to some unforeseen reason we may do partial shipment for bigger order but we will take your permission to do so before shipping. We do not usually take return on normal condition once goods is shipped and paid for it.